June 2019's Random Acts of Flowers



dhi-logo Mr Florista Florist Bath

This month we would like to draw attention to a very important cause. The DHI (developing health and independence) service helps disadvantaged people and those living on the margins of society turn their lives around.

They offer support with:

  • drug and alcohol treatment for both adults and young people

  • housing

  • improving mental/physical wellbeing through community connections

  • support for families and carers

The DHI holds an annual reach out conference run by the FAM service (families also matter). This annual event focusses on the family members and carers of people with a drug or alcohol misuse problem, ensuring their are put in the spotlight. Mr Florista dropped in to this years conference to donate flowers and express our support to the carers, families, volunteers and staff.

“Living with someone who misuses drugs or alcohol can be exhausting. Most people caring for someone with a drug and alcohol problem find the focus of their attention is on the behaviour and consequences of the behaviour of the person using drugs or alcohol.”

The FAM service in Bath and North East Somerset offer:

  • Help from other family members in similar situations

  • Structured support groups

  • Specialist support groups for the parents of teenagers using drugs or alcohol

  • Sessions with the family member and the person using drugs or alcohol, together

  • 1:1 sessions for support, advice and counselling

  • Reach Out, a dedicated annual conference for families and carers

If you need support with any of the issues above you can get in touch here.

If you think you can help the DHI to help people turn thier lives around, fight social exclusion and support families/carers by giving your time or money you can do so here.



Baxter's Grooming Mr Florista Florist Bath

Our chosen local business this month went to Baxter’s Grooming (formerly Pets on Point) run by the lovely Georgia Herrera. Georgia runs her business from a super cute pod at Lanhill Farm in Chippenham. She offers one to one grooming services and is a professionally trained, fully insured canine first aider. We visited Georgia at her home on the farm to surprise her with a bunch of flowers and a handmade doggy flower crown for her pooches.

Visit Baxter’s Grooming facebook page where you will find the cutest before and after doggy grooming photos as well as advice on how to keep your furry friend looking fresh. You can also make a booking through facebook messenger or call Georgia on 07748117497.




Gemma was nominated by her friend who simply said she is a wonderful friend and wanted to make her smile with flowers from Mr Florista.

We surprised (a very shocked) Gemma at her workplace with a bunch of flowers. It was lovely to meet you Gemma! we hope you enjoy them.

Sophie Overment