Who is Mr Florista?

Very little accurate information exists about Mr Florista. Some say he was a plant whisperer but he is better known as a botanist, amateur ecologist, photographer, horticulturalist, wanderer, and renowned floral wizard.
Nobody really knows who Mr Florista is, but what we do know is this...
He is a magical, mysterious soul who has always been passionate about making people happy through some serious flower power. 
He would anonymously leave beautiful bunches of flowers on the doorsteps of people he thought really deserved them, something he liked to call 'Random Acts of Flowers'.
Oh, and he has a pet flamingo called Frida.

Mr Florista Montage

Mr Florista Ltd pays homage to his legacy and all that he discovered on his travels, bringing you flowers and foliage both traditional and extraordinary.


How It Works

Mr Florista provides one 'Florists Pick' bunch of flowers which changes weekly and is available in our Original, Fuller and Mega sizes. We also have a houseplant which changes monthly. We deliver to Bath and the surrounding areas (you can find out if we deliver to your area here.)
Carrying on Mr Florista's legacy of 'Random Acts of Flowers', we have come up with a way for you to join the flower revolution. Every time you buy something from us, a percentage of what you pay goes towards funding bunches for people who really deserve them. With the money raised from your spending, we make up bunches and send them off to their new homes. So you know that by buying from us, somebody somewhere is receiving a gift which you've contributed to and you've anonymously brightened their day, just like Mr Florista himself.


The Recipients

Our Random Acts of Flowers have included the following:

We work with charities and many other amazing organisations to help us make sure the right people are gifted our flowers.

Here at Mr Florista, we are passionate about promoting independent businesses in the South West. We surprise local businesses with Random Act of Flowers. We feature the chosen company on our website to help promote and support them with the hope of creating a more local world and helping independent businesses flourish and thrive.

In our world there are so many unsung heroes. We want to acknowledge these wonderful individuals through our Random Acts of Flowers, we just need your help to find them! You can nominate somebody to receive an anonymous gifted bunch here- Just tell us why you think they deserve to be surprised with a gift from Mr Florista. 


Who Are We?

Mr Florista is a labour of love cultivated by sisters Lucy and Sophie.

Lucy is an award-winning florist with over 8 years experience in the industry and Sophie is the design buff with a Masters in Visual Communication.

Random Acts of Flowers is particularly special to the pair due to fact they have grown up with their older sister Joanne who has profound and multiple learning difficulties. Joanne was born with Downs Syndrome and was diagnosed with Autism shortly after. She also developed Epilepsy in her late teens. Jo has always loved being surrounded by flowers due to their sensory stimulation, which is something Lucy and Sophie wanted to incorporate into their floristry concept when they decided to club together and go into business.

Jo RAF.png
Sophie Lucy Photo.png

The duo have grown up and live in Bath and have always been passionate about supporting local businesses, which is why the idea of using Random Acts of Flowers to help promote a more local world came about. The sisters come from a family who possess immense entrepreneurial spirit. With the current climate in the southwest and the rise of independent businesses closing their doors to the public, the sisters thought it was extremely important to try and counteract this downturn in the economy through some serious flower power.

Lucy and Sophie are excited to see how Mr Florista and the concept of Random Acts of Flowers will grow and develop in the years to come and hope that you will help them by joining their flower revolution!